Tour Dundee and Angus


Experience Dundee named ‘worldwide hot destination’ by ‘The Wall Street Journal’ and previously described ‘coolest little city’ by GQ Magazine. Let your knowledgeable guide introduce you to splendid waterfront views as well as cutting edge design reflected in the newly opened V&A Museum. Be guided through Dundee’s transformation from centre of the jute industry to college town renowned for computer gaming development. From Jam, Jute and Journalism to ‘Minecraft’ and ‘Grand Theft Auto’.

On the doorstep of this ‘City of Discovery’ is the beautiful rolling Angus countryside dotted with quaint towns and ancient sites. Include a guided tour around a magical, haunted 14th century castle with connections to Royalty and William Shakespeare. Continue to the birthplace of the man who wrote ‘Peter Pan’ – Sir J. M. Barrie. On the return journey your guide will lead you to and interpret some examples of 700 year old sacred standing stones. These are examples of Pictish or Iron Age Tribal art. This tour is an unforgettable blend of culture and history set against a glorious backdrop.

This tour is an 8hour personalised driver guided experience and is available for 1 to 7 persons. Check out Guide Rates

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